The perfect shading

Pona Rolladen

The shading, windows and doors seller Pona needed a more complex website with a broad variety of subpages. The goal in this project was to refresh the former website in a modern tone and straight lines. A super mobile-friendly interface helps to navigate to the broad products range and keeps the user in focus.

Happiness is not certain

Kevin Schwarzl

This is a small business page for a psychotherapist in Graz and Feldbach. Made with WordPress in calming colous and smooth photography.

For the perfect living room in the nature

Gartendesign Christa

A small business needs some small advertising tools. Corporate design, logo, website, business cards and a folder for trade fairs wos the goal to reach. We can say, we finished well. Hope you like it.

Countryside Electronic Dance

Hillbilly Night

The majority of all events in our region are very traditional and differ only very slightly: All in a bright lighted, too big hall, outdated chart- or folk music performed by a poor cover band, beer everywhere and no one is about to dance… I am an member of an local youth organisation based in Kaindorf. We decided to organise an brand new event, which is made to distinguish from all the others. We focused on a city lifestyle. To get more acceptance from the people on the countryside, we put a few ironic rudiments to our advertisements. That’s why we named it Hillbilly Night. Danceable, modern electronic music, an urban location style and fancy drinks round the experience for a perfect party night.

For this occation, I’ve chosen to make all advertisements for the event. Starting with an simple poster as a source for everything belonging to the corporate identity, I set up a responsive website, social media campaign, flyer, poster, banner and a radio advertisement.

Pork and Sausages for everyone


All family members work together in this small business. They sell their high quality produce from home and at a farmer's market in the local town of Hartberg.

To extend customer range, it's necessary to transport an image. Therefore I designed a webpage for the tightly structured range of goods (programmed by