Old fashioned mail on Twitter

Royal Mail

This is a draft for a nationwide Twitter campaign for the Royal Mail. The goal of the advertisement is, to catch attention and raise interest in the mail service. Sketchy illustrations are a good deliverer for a younger audience.

Even serious companies want to be funny sometimes

Cemex UK

From time to time, Cemex UK needs posts for their Twitter account. As usual in bigger companies, they feed their subscribers with the newest information about their work and company. But on the other hand, they need attention from a wider audience. The simplest way to gain attraction from people if humour. My part here was to put together some funny pictures for various events, products or days of the year.

Serious content on Snapchat? Why not?!

Liberty Global People Magazine

The largest international cable company Liberty Global“ wanted to put some content insight of their magazine „Liberty Global People“ on Snapchat. Easy to read with the swift screen-changes. If the serious-ish content fits this format and if it hits the target group is another question.

Super-dynamic Facebook Canvas


Microsites are booming. Step on the train and get the best out of it. As a part of the social media game, there are active parts of the networks. The known clothing brand Hanes wanted to gain a little more attention from customers, who aren‘t really in the target group. Hanes, referred to as a brand for regular and cheap clothes, wants to put their fingers into the cool kids‘ life. First step is a Facebook Campaign with Canvas Microsites